What We Do

Confluence Institute supports the growth of locally led organizations building climate resilience and sustainable livelihoods that uplift rural communities. We pair funding for general operating support with capacity assistance, new connections and knowledge sharing to help partners strengthen their organizations and deepen their impact.

Priority Funding Areas

We prioritize a clear vision with demonstrated impact improving rural climate resilience and livelihoods. We value integrated approaches that empower vulnerable community members and respond to local needs. While we recognize that there are countless organizations doing valuable work, applications for grant funds are by invitation only.

Climate Resilience

Rural East African communities deeply reliant on agriculture and natural resources are among the least responsible for, yet most vulnerable to climate change. We support organizations that tackle this inequity and drive rural climate resilience. Our partnerships promote:

  • Community-led, sustainable agriculture that enhances food security and water resource management
  • Green energy alternatives and products, particularly for household and small business use
  • Community-driven practices that repair ecosystems and preserve biodiversity
  • Training which builds local green energy infrastructure

We support organizations that create measurable economic change for individuals and households. We are particularly interested in work at the intersection of climate resilience and livelihoods that reduces inequality. Our partnerships advance:

  • Economic empowerment for women and girls, people with disabilities and vulnerable community members
  • Smallholder farming and pastoralism that conserves natural ecosystems
  • Small business development and social entrepreneurship
  • Trade and vocational skills and training

Special Opportunities

While the majority of the work CI focuses on is in Eastern Africa, we do support nonprofits doing important work in our own backyard in the U.S. Interior West. Our partners include:

Who We Fund
Partnering with those closest to community solutions

We fund locally led organizations in rural East Africa. With community knowledge, expertise in maximizing limited resources and years of demonstrated impact, they are essential drivers of sustainable change. Through special opportunities we also support organizations in the U.S. Interior West where Confluence Institute is based. Explore our featured partners and their impact.

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Theory of Change
Long-term Impact

Locally led organizations build climate-resilient communities and sustainable livelihoods that uplift rural East Africa.

Outcomes & Strategies
1. Direct support

strengthens organizations, rural climate resilience and livelihoods.

  • Partner with locally led organizations to improve climate resilience and livelihoods in rural communities.
  • Provide general operating support grants and technical assistance to help organizations increase capacity and impact.
  • Build trust-based relationships that prioritize self-determination.
2. New connections

generate peer learning, engaged partnership and greater opportunity.

  • Amplify partner voices and showcase their impact to increase support for locally led organizations.
  • Foster connections, knowledge exchange and network building.
  • Enhance peer learning opportunities as partnerships grow across ecosystems and East African countries.
3. Partners & practices

promote equity and inclusive community development.

  • Ensure partnerships engage vulnerable and marginalized community members.
  • Celebrate organizations run by women, people with disabilities and others whose lived experience enriches and diversifies leadership perspectives.
  • Listen, learn and improve grantmaking and technical assistance to advance equity and inclusive development.