Transformative change through

rural resilience
grassroots ingenuity

Confluence Institute helps rural communities respond to climate change and improve livelihoods in East Africa and the U.S. Interior West. Through unrestricted funding, technical assistance and shared learning, we support locally led organizations that are meeting the real and changing needs of their communities.

Our Mission

We support grassroots ingenuity that builds resilient rural communities where people and nature thrive.

Our Philosophy

We believe in engaged philanthropy that honors and amplifies local vision.

What We Do
Where partners, ideas and community impact come together

Confluence Institute supports solutions that advance community resilience to climate change and enhance rural livelihoods. We partner with locally led organizations to grow existing programs, pilot new approaches, and share their learning.

How we do it
We support and connect

Confluence Institute works with local experts who guide us and foster vibrant grassroots partnerships that support climate resilience and livelihoods in rural communities. We offer unrestricted funding, technical support, new connections, and knowledge exchange to strengthen partners’ organizational health and impact.

Hear Their Stories

We amplify local voices that lead the development of resilient rural communities. Get inspired by grassroots ingenuity!

Partner Stories
Loliondo FM Community Radio
Loliondo FM Community Radio is a non-commercial community station, established in 2013 with the objective to give a voice to pastoralist populations of Tanzania. The station covers an area comprised between the Ngorongoro district and the Serengeti National Park. It is the only radio station to broadcast from this region.
Partner Stories
Shanti Children’s Foundation
Shanti Children’s Foundation provides children with the educational support they need to complete their education and create stable livelihoods. The organization’s College (class 11-12) and Bachelor student scholarship help students from impoverished families complete their critically important education.
Partner Stories
The Hunger Coalition of Blaine County
The Hunger Coalition builds a healthy community through access to good food and addresses the root causes of food insecurity in collaboration with key partners.
Partner Stories
The Serengeti Preservation Foundation
The Serengeti Preservation Foundation is a locally registered NGO in Tanzania, providing avenues for conservation education and advocacy.
Partner Stories
White Clouds Preserve
White Clouds Preserve cultivates and inspires education, restoration, and community. We are a new nonprofit organization fostering environmental stewardship, research and educational opportunities in central Idaho.
Partner Stories
Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment
FCDE empowers communities to lead their own development by increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of local organizations. We help grassroots partners assess, envision and attain organizational growth that drives community change.
Meet our partners in sustainable development.

We support locally lead organizations creating economic opportunity and rural resilience in response to climate change.

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