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Bushika Integrated Area Co-operative Enterprise Ltd. (BIACE)

BIACE is a secondary level member based cooperative registered in Uganda under the cooperative Act 1992. They mobilize farmers to produce good quality Arabica Coffee and market it collectively. BIACE has grown its membership to 38 member cooperatives. All members are physically engaged in the coffee trade either as farmers, buyers, providing labor for garden preparation among others.

Caritas Kabale Diocese

Caritas Kabale is the social services and economic development Department of Kabale diocese mandated to improve livelihoods of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized persons through programmes such as; sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation and protection, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, women promotion, health and sanitation, support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO)

Kiima Foods

Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment

The Serengeti Preservation Foundation

Loliondo FM Community Radio

The only radio station in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro district, Loliondo FM Community Radio aims to give local people a voice to actively participate in the local and national agenda and promote ‘active citizenship.’