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Providing Access to Education


Shanti Children’s Foundation provides children with the educational support they need to complete their education and create stable livelihoods. The organization’s College (class 11-12) and Bachelor student scholarships help students from impoverished families to complete their critically important education. 


Confluence Institute partnered with Shanti Children’s Foundation to cover shortfalls in student costs, which were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation wanted to ensure children from impoverished families were able to stay in school, eat and cover living expenses while school was closed during lockdown.


Shanti Children’s Foundation took the following actions to implement its project during COVID-19.

  • The Foundation provided students with distance learning, food, supplies, and housing until in-person classes resumed. The College hostel was closed during the pandemic and the families had zero resources during a crushingly tough time.
  • The Foundation collaborated with its partner schools, such as Tejendra and others to dispense aid where needed.

Shanti Children’s Foundation ensured that its nine students from impoverished families were able to continue their education without disruption. In addition, Shanti Children’s Foundation support supplies and housing allowed the students their 35 family members to meet their day-to-day food, supplies and housing needs during COVID-19.

We were able to meet the huge challenges of Covid, support our students real day to day needs plus prioritize the continuation and importance of their education.

As stated above, the biggest challenge was Covid. We were able to manage with our partner schools, Tejendra and various partners to dispense aid where needed. Sadly, we did lose one student during Covid who dropped out due to intense family pressure to work and help her struggling family. We are currently working to try to get her back into college.